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Distances from Lokossa

Distances from Lokossa to the largest cities and places in Benin. Have a closer look at the distances from Lokossa to the largest places in Benin.

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Distances from Lokossa to the largest places in Benin
Dogbo Dogbo1.41,31221 km 13 mishow
Come Comé2.29,20832 km 20 mishow
Aplahoue Aplahoué3.19,86233 km 21 mishow
Grand-Popo Grand-Popo4.9,84742 km 26 mishow
Allada Allada5.20,09448 km 30 mishow
Ouidah Ouidah6.83,50351 km 32 mishow
Hinvi Hinvi7.3,60452 km 32 mishow
Hevie Hévié8.13,45064 km 40 mishow
Abomey Abomey9.82,15468 km 42 mishow
Bohicon Bohicon10.125,09271 km 44 mishow
Abomey-Calavi Abomey-Calavi11.385,75574 km 46 mishow
Cotonou Cotonou12.780,00083 km 52 mishow
Cove Cové13.38,56695 km 59 mishow
Porto-Novo Porto-Novo14.234,16899 km 62 mishow
Sakete Sakété15.30,111105 km 65 mishow
Pobe Pobé16.32,983112 km 69 mishow
Ketou Kétou17.22,341127 km 79 mishow
Dassa-Zoume Dassa-Zoumé18.21,672134 km 83 mishow
Savalou Savalou19.30,187146 km 91 mishow
Save Savé20.75,970177 km 110 mishow
Bassila Bassila21.23,616264 km 164 mishow
Tchaourou Tchaourou22.20,971268 km 167 mishow
Beterou Bétérou23.13,108291 km 181 mishow
Parakou Parakou24.163,753317 km 197 mishow
Djougou Djougou25.237,040342 km 212 mishow
Nikki Nikki26.54,009403 km 250 mishow
Natitingou Natitingou27.80,892410 km 255 mishow
Bembereke Bembèrèkè28.24,006413 km 257 mishow
Guilmaro Guilmaro29.6,516437 km 272 mishow
Tanguieta Tanguiéta30.19,833446 km 277 mishow
Kandi Kandi31.109,701518 km 322 mishow
Banikoara Banikoara32.22,487525 km 326 mishow
Malanville Malanville33.37,117610 km 379 mishow

1 - 33 of 33 places